The Goals

Creating a list of one hundred goals is a monumental task. Before reaching the one hundred mark, completing the list often becomes a goal of its own. I didn’t finish my list in a day or even a week, but eventually I reached one hundred (and it continues to grow!)

    1. Zero credit card debt
    2. $5,000 emergency fund
    3. Bungee Jump
    4. Skydive
    5. Volunteer with an environmental organization
    6. Sponsor a child
    7. Become fluent in Spanish
    8. Travel to Iceland
    9. Climb Mount Whitney
    10. Learn how to surf
    11. Adopt a child
    12. Buy ten acres of land
    13. Photograph a wild tiger
    14. Give away $100 to a stranger
    15. Sleep on a park bench in a big city
    16. Hitchhike
    17. Drive a car until it breaks down
    18. Sleep under the stars
    19. Bike the West Coast
    20. Cut down a tree with an ax
    21. Build a skate park
    22. Land an airplane
    23. Skinny dip
    24. Publish a book
    25. Eat traditional food in a foreign country
    26. Meet a world leader
    27. Get a Sphynx cat
    28. Eat a balanced diet
    29. Get spa treatment
    30. Ride a rollercoaster that goes upside down
    31. Go deep-sea fishing
    32. Run a marathon
    33. See a Broadway show in Manhattan
    34. Hit a home run
    35. Golf 18 holes
    36. Build a house to my blueprints
    37. Save someone’s life
    38. Shoot a machine gun
    39. See penguins in their natural habitat
    40. Drive a truck through a mud hole
    41. Ride in a hot air balloon
    42. Start a website
    43. Take a Calculus class
    44. Go backpacking
    45. Climb Devil’s Tower
    46. Kayak at the Apostle Islands
    47. Buy a bike
    48. Take guitar lessons
    49. Eat sushi
    50. Take a yoga class
    51. Witness the Monarch Butterfly migration
    52. Teach a child how to do something
    53. Adopt a highway
    54. Visit Eldon, Iowa
    55. Take a photography class
    56. Go whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon
    57. Visit the Galapagos Islands
    58. Stop drinking soda
    59. Exercise regularly
    60. Backpack around Europe
    61. Swim with sharks
    62. Finish Associate Degree
    63. Attend college in another state
    64. Study for a semester in a foreign country
    65. Earn Bachelor’s Degree
    66. Study a world religion
    67. Own an Armani suit
    68. Tour the White House
    69. Drive a race car
    70. Learn how to bake bread
    71. Swim across the English Channel
    72. Attend the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas
    73. Attend Comic-Con
    74. Take karate lessons
    75. Make crop circles
    76. Learn proper etiquette
    77. Look into the eye of a hurricane
    78. Chase a tornado
    79. Be in DC during a Presidential Inauguration
    80. Feel an earthquake
    81. Wander the Great Wall
    82. Visit Meteor Crater, Arizona
    83. Witness a volcanic eruption
    84. Swim in the Dead Sea
    85. Reach financial independence
    86. Begin a profitable side hustle
    87. Learn how to tie a tie
    88. Scuba dive under ice
    89. Straddle the Prime Meridian
    90. Bench press 300 pounds
    91. Meet Marilyn Manson
    92. Learn how to change my oil
    93. Scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef
    94. Climb Mount Saint Helens
    95. Hang glide
    96. Pay off my car
    97. Eliminate my student loans
    98. Witness a Space Shuttle launch
    99. Go to Disney World
    100. Master the kickflip
    101. Visit all 50 states
    102. Solve the Rubik’s Cube
    103. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
    104. Zipline in the jungles of Costa Rica
    105. Firewalk
    106. Minimize my material possessions
    107. Join the Peace Corps
    108. Travel to all Canadian province
    109. Stand at the North Pole
    110. See the Aurora Borealis
    111. Travel to all 7 continents
    112. Ride an elephant
    113. Do a backflip
    114. Break the sound barrier
    115. Earn my Master’s Degree
    116. Swim in each ocean
    117. Drive on the Autobahn
    118. Swim in the Blue Grotto at the Isle of Capri
    119. Visit Mecca
    120. Swim in Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls
    121. Take a late night cruise on Mulholland Drive
    122. Moonwalk like Michael Jackson
    123. Arrive in a limousine
    124. Ride a unicycle
    125. Hunt for the Loch Ness Monster
    126. Breathe fire
    127. Rock climb in Yosemite Valley
    128. Fight the forces of evil in Metropolis
    129. Have a fortune teller predict my future
    130. Get lost in a hedge maze
    131. Try acupuncture
    132. Dive into the Blue Hole in Belize
    133. Spend a night in the Borden House
    134. Disappear mysteriously
    135. Travel to every country in the world
    136. Find graffiti by Banksy
    137. Travel to Cuba
    138. Visit a honeybee farm
    139. Walk Hadrian’s Wall
    140. See TOOL in concert
    141. Visit Monument Valley
    142. Run a STOP sign
    143. Jump from the Sky Tower in New Zealand
    144. Knock on the Door to Hell
    145. Swim under the waterfalls of Plitvicka
    146. Visit every UNESCO World Heritage Site
    147. Stand in the center of Stonehenge
    148. Juggle
    149. Travel to each Mexican state
    150. Learn how to slackline
  1. Ride a century
  2. Bet an entire paycheck on a horse race
  3. Kilimanjaro
  4. Summit Ayers Rock
  5. Spend the day at Cedar Point Amusement Park
  6. Get licked by a troll
  7. Pilot a helicopter
  8. Celebrate Dia de los Muertos in Mexico
  9. Navigate a canoe down the Amazon River
  10. Throw a hand grenade
  11. Hike into a glacial cave
  12. Model underwear
  13. Do the Scorpion yoga pose
  14. Drive a tank
  15. Summit the Seven Summits
  16. Walk on water
  17. Celebrate Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street
  18. Bare all at a nude beach
  19. Go spelunking
  20. Climb Ancient Art in Moab
  21. Play with Gallium
  22. Climb the stairs to the top of the Empire State Building
  23. Camp at Camp 4
  24. Build an igloo
  25. Hike the Manitou Incline
  26. Do the Wave
  27. Hike through Antelope Canyon
  28. Be debt-free
  29. Hike the John Muir Trail
  30. Camp at Lake Tahoe
  31. Start a fire with ice
  32. Lay on a bed of nails
  33. Get my Pilot’s License
  34. Go waterskiing
  35. Turn a spare room into a ball pit for my future child
  36. Spray a firehose
  37. Live on a dead-end road
  38. Get (some of) my tattoos removed
  39. Hike the Four Mile Trail
  40. Kayak the Na Pali Coast
  41. Sleep in a haunted house
  42. Watch a meteor shower in the Desert Southwest
  43. Own an original Marilyn Manson watercolor
  44. Get stung by a jellyfish
  45. Get married
  46. Have a baby
  47. Make maple syrup
  48. Walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge
  49. Celebrate the Holi Festival in India
  50. Visit a Death Row inmate
  51. Swim in the Marble Caves of Patagonia
  52. Pull the Ripcord
  53. Take The Plunge
  54. Contribute to the Gum Wall
  55. Go to an oxygen bar
  56. Hold a Bald Eagle
  57. Apadravya
  58. Get sawn in half by a magician
  59. Explore the Winchester House
  60. Travel to Space
  61. Go on a sunset Lava Cruise in Hawaii
  62. Swim in Lake Hillier
  63. Birle
  64. Lay flowers on Poe’s grave
  65. Hunt for ghosts
  66. Knob Creek Gun Show
  67. “Relax” at Maho Beach
  68. Dive into Jacob’s Well
  69. Visit Kurt Cobain’s Childhood Home
  70. Whirl with the Dervishes
  71. Ride in a Stunt Plane
  72. Wing Walk
  73. Fly in a Fighter Jet
  74. Charm a Cobra
  75. Throw a Javelin
  76. Visit the Psycho House
  77. Zero Gravity
  78. Follow the Yellow Brick Road
  79. Drive down Lombard Street
  80. Chinese Fire Cupping
  81. Learn how to blow glass
  82. Walk across Abbey Road
  83. See the Sailing Stones
  84. Bask under the Midnight Sun

Writing a list of goals might seem like a big waste of time and, for some people, it might be. Some people will create a list only to forget about it moments later. It’s understandable. We have “real lives” and chasing after a bunch of goals doesn’t fit into our routine. There’s dinner to be made, bills to be paid and obligations to fulfill. That goal of taking a vacation with your mother isn’t really a priority, and becoming a doctor just isn’t practical when you have to work two jobs just to make ends meet. There’s no time for dreaming…

It’s exactly this attitude which renders the list meaningless … a waste of time. A person can only maximize the value of their list when they’ve altered their perspective about life’s possibilities. The reality isn’t that the list is a waste of time, it’s a person’s attitude that makes it a waste of time. Without belief in yourself and in your abilities, a list of goals changes absolutely nothing. If you don’t believe you can change, you won’t. You’ll become a product of circumstance, and you’ll forfeit control in your life.

Those who dream and believe will find creating a list of goals to be exactly the catalyst they need to change their lives for the better. Cynics may not believe that accomplishing a goal like skydiving or bungee jumping can change someone’s life. I’d argue otherwise. Pursuing goals requires a person to stand up and take a proactive position in their own life. They create opportunity and pursue their passions. They conquer fear and overcome personal weaknesses. No longer is their life a consequence of their surroundings but instead, a result of their efforts.

Those who dream and believe will do whatever it takes to make their dreams a reality. They’ll do what it takes to change the aspects of their lives that they are not happy with and will begin living aggressively in pursuit of their desires and ambitions.

Creating your own list of one hundred goals might just be the biggest waste of time that can change your life…forever.

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