Goal #147) Stand at the Center of Stonehenge

Something about Stonehenge has always captured my imagination.

When I added this goal to my list, like most of my goals, I didn’t want to just go and look … I wanted to immerse myself in the experience. I wanted to stand inside the stones and be surrounded by them.

Last month I went to England and took a tour of Stonehenge. Our bus arrived early in the morning before the crowds of tourists and we split into two groups. I waited to join the second group.

I poked around the gift shop for a while and then went outside to marvel at the stones in the distance, peaking through the morning mist. Once our group was allowed to enter, I walked through the center, took some photos and then walked around the edge holding hands with my girlfriend.

It was smaller than I’d expected but still impressive. One of the guards took us aside to show us how some of the stones had been repaired and others where people had carved their names.

As the people from our group began filtering out of the stones, I had one last thing I needed to do. I walked around to the edge of the circle and knelt down in front of my girlfriend to propose.

She said “Yes.”

We lingered a while longer as the rest of the crowd left and for a few moment it was just us and the security guards.


This Article Won’t Change Your Life

This website won’t change your life. That self-help book on the nightstand next to your bed isn’t going to do it either. Not a single word you read has the power to make any difference in your life. That quote from Gandhi changes nothing.

This article isn’t going to change your life. It might be the most inspiring thing you’ve read all day but it isn’t going to do you a damn bit of good.

The truth I hope you’ll realize by the end of this article is that reading it hasn’t changed anything.

It hasn’t changed anything not because the knowledge contained in the words isn’t valuable, or that the lesson taught isn’t sound. But if you quit reading this article right now, you aren’t going to miss out on anything that is going to change your life.

If you’re trying to change your life, you’re at the wrong place doing the wrong thing. If you’re searching for some insight, the answers to your problems might be contained within the pages of a book or blog, but even if you do find the solution, it isn’t going to do you any good.

It isn’t going to solve anything.

Having the answer isn’t the solution. Gaining knowledge may make you wiser, but it doesn’t matter how smart you become. Despite all the information you consume, unless you incorporate that knowledge into your life, it’s served you no purpose.

You can only change your life by taking action; by making decisions and following through. You have to commit to more than the desire for change, but to change itself. Improving your life cannot be done without action. A book can’t act for you. The most inspiring quote you’ve ever read isn’t going to make anything different.

 “Action expresses priorities.” ~ Gandhi

No. That’s up to you.

If you want to change your life, quit reading this and change your life.

Time Keeps Slippin...

The Truth

Nothing I write is going to change your life.

Despite my best intentions and sincere belief that anyone can live the life of their dreams, I can’t make that happen for you. I write to motivate, encourage and inspire. But without the internal desire and an ambition to change, my efforts are worthless.

They’re just words.

I can’t take you by the hand and lead the way.

I can’t stand behind you and kick you in the ass…

You can’t expect your life to be any different when you wake up in the morning until you start doing something to change it.  Each day is going to be just like the last … an eternal loop of the day before. If you want something different, you have to do something different. If you keep doing the same thing day after day after day, you’re always going to get the same results.

Changing your life isn’t about changing who you are.

“You’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your fucking khakis.” ~ Tyler Durden, Fight Club

It’s about discovering who you really are and what you want out of life. It’s about figuring out what matters to you and what doesn’t. It’s about stripping away the bullshit (and there’s a lot of it) so that the essence of who you are can finally shine through. It’s about living in line with your values, your beliefs and in pursuit of your vision of a meaningful life.

 But to get there, you have to force yourself out of your comfort zone.

Today is thanks to yesterday and tomorrow depends upon what you do today. Forcing yourself into uncomfortable situations, doing strange (sometimes terrifying) things, traveling to exotic places and meeting new people … these are the things that will change your life.

Sitting at home watching The Biggest Loser isn’t going to help you lose weight. Reading inspirational blogs is pointless unless you act upon that inspiration. Dreaming about that vacation isn’t going to get you anywhere. You must take action! So turn off the TV and go for a walk. Use your newfound inspiration to create something beautiful. Stop dreaming and start planning…

The life of your dreams is out there waiting.

Do you have the courage to live it?