British Pounds

Money Solves Money Problems

…and that’s all it solves.

If you’re broke, money helps.

It’ll buy you food, put a roof over your head and clothes on your back. Shoes on your feet. Gas in your car.

Money isn’t a magic potion that makes life perfect. It won’t make you happy. It won’t buy you friends … not the type of friends you want. Money won’t keep you from dying.

A lot of people think money is the answer to all of their problems. As if having money would change who they are. If they had money, then they’d do all the things they’re only  able to dream of doing.

Money isn’t the answer. And money doesn’t change who you are, it only exposes and amplifies who you are. Good or bad. If you had money, you might do some of the things you dream of doing…


Maybe you’d take that trip to Ireland you’ve been talking about your entire life. Or maybe you wouldn’t. Actions express priorities. If something is important to you, you’ll make it happen. If it’s not important, you’ll make an excuse.

And what better excuse than money?

It’s easy to tell yourself that [insert your dream here] is too expensive. You look at your bank account and you’re not even sure how you’re going to make it until next payday without starving.

If only you had more money … then you’d be able.

How long have you been telling yourself the same story?

What if you’d saved just $50 a month for all those years? How much could you have saved? If instead of buying that outfit that’s hanging in your closet with the tags still attached, you’d put that money towards your dream?

The truth is, your dreams don’t really matter to you. The shit you spend your money on … those things are what your care about the most. What you say you care about isn’t important.

But how you spend your money…

That’s the action that expresses your priorities.

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Getting Lucky

What’s Luck Got to do with It?

What sets people apart?

Why are some people successful while others aren’t?

Being born of a specific gender with a certain color of skin in the right place at the right time doesn’t qualify (or disqualify) anyone for anything. Being intelligent doesn’t matter if you don’t apply yourself. Yet we look to these things as being advantageous even though they promise nothing.

We each have our own unique set of strengths and weaknesses … our flaws and imperfections. We all struggle to make our way in the world and some of us will endure hardships most people could never imagine.

Different people fight different battles.

It’s easy to blame bad luck for the bad things in your life. Or to believe other people only realized success thanks to good luck.

” The only good luck many great men ever had was being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck.” ~ Channing Pollock

Certain circumstances are more difficult to overcome than others but these things don’t preclude you from having the life you want … just as having all the “advantages” can’t ensure your success. You might have to work twice as hard just to accomplish exactly the same thing as someone else.

It isn’t fair … but that’s just the way it is sometimes.

Having the life you want isn’t about luck.

A stroke of good luck won’t make you successful without prior preparation, nor can a stroke of bad luck wipe away everything you’ve created for yourself if you’ve worked hard and prepared for the worst. You must create a margin of error in your life.

“Luck” favors the persistent.

The longer you persist, the greater your chances of success. Recognize opportunity when it comes along … it’s often disguised as hard work. If seizing that opportunity will disrupt your life, that’s a good indication you’re on the right path.

Isn’t it “life as you know it” that you’re trying to change?

It isn’t luck … it’s your choices and your actions that determine your outcome. It takes dedication, devotion, commitment and sacrifice. You change your life by stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things differently. If you want to live the life of your dreams, you have to work for it.

Success doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen.

Behind the Article: Steven’s thoughts on “What’s Luck Got to do with It?


A Train Wreck of Choice & Circumstance

That’s all life is; a train wreck of choices and circumstance.

Every day we’ve had to make choices based on the circumstances of our life at that moment in time. It’s been that way ever since we were no longer shitting in our diapers. Sometimes we felt in control of those choices and other times it seemed like we didn’t have any other alternative.

Each of these decisions has led to exactly this moment. Whether your life is perfect or totally miserable, it’s this way because you chose for it to be this way.

If your life is good, you’ll agree with me. You know that everything you have today is because you worked hard to get it. You know there were times when you wanted to quit and it felt like the struggle wasn’t worth it. But you persisted and here you are. Everything might not be exactly as you’d liked it to be. But you’re okay with that because you know you’ve done your best and this is what you’ve got … what you’ve earned.

And if your life is shit, you’re going to argue and outline all the reasons I’m wrong. Or explain why you’re the exception. You’ll call me names and say I don’t know what I’m talking about. You’ll say I need to try living in the “Real World,” as so many people just like you seem to enjoy labeling their lives … as though there’s some alternate dimension I’ve been occupying all these years.

I know bad things happens. I’ve been through a lot in my life.

I was raised in a broken home by an alcoholic mother and a multitude of abusive men who came and went like the weather. My father committed suicide when I was in the third grade after I admitted to my mom that he’d been sexually abusing me. I used to blame myself for his death. It’s still hard sometimes not to feel responsible.

I’ve been homeless, sleeping at friends’ houses until I was no longer welcome. I had no other place to go. Sometimes I’d stay the night with complete strangers that my mom would meet in the bars. I was twelve when I first smoked pot and I started drinking and doing drugs regularly as an escape from it all a few years later. I was arrested and put in jail at eighteen.

I’ve lived in the “Real World.”

I didn’t like it.

Changing my life didn’t happen overnight. It happened slowly, one choice at a time. The choice to get clean. The choice to go back to school. The choice to get out of debt. The choice to travel. The choice to live life on my own terms. The choice to seek adventure. To find happiness. To be honest and vulnerable to hurt.

Even though none of us can control what happens to us, we still have the power to influence the outcome of our lives by how we react to any situation. Stop being a victim to the circumstances of your life. Don’t just be the product of other people. Choose yourself and begin creating a life you never thought possible.

It’s your choice.